Community Center Rules


1.   No thumb tacks or nails to be used in Community Center walls.

2.   No smoking allowed in building.

3.   All cutting, slicing, dicing to be done on cutting boards.

4.   Caterers need to supply their own salt, sugar, coffee, tea and spices. Paper goods can be provided at a nominal charge.


1.   Clean up as soon as possible or by noon the next day.

2.   Lights off, including restroom and closets.

3.   Kitchen and tiled area mopped.

4.   Trash bagged and hauled to the dumpster.

5.   Perishables left in the refrigerator will be disposed of the next day.

6.   Tables and chairs stacked properly in store room.

7.   All dish cloths, towels, tablecloths and napkins bagged and left in the kitchen.

8.   All dishes, glasses, cups, etc. returned to its proper place.


Upcoming Events at the Community Center

No events

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