Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement for Use of the Mineral County Community Center

It is the intention of the board and director to use the community center for as many activities as possible. We have decided that a two dollar charge per person attending a Non sponsored Community Center event is reasonable to offset the cost incurred by the community center. Large shows or multiple day events will be charged  $500.00 per day. Set up and take down will not be counted in the daily fee. We will take into consideration such things as: non-profit, profit, civic and government groups etc. and possibly offer a reduced per person cost. Funerals and funeral dinners for Mineral County residents will NOT incur a fee. However, donations to the Community Center would be appreciated. Requests to waive fees will be taken to the board of the Mining Museum and Community Center.  The board holds regular meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the center. Agreement must be executed and returned 10 days prior to the event.

Multi Date Event?
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Paper Products can be supplied for a nominal fee, no charge if you supply your own product. List the amount needed below:

Decorating (check those that apply)

• Weddings, reunions, large parties and dances will be charged a deposit of $250.00.
• If left clean, all but $75.00 will be returned.
For other events (if staff helps) there will be a charge of $15.00 per hour.  If staff does it all, the charge will be $25.00 per hour.
• If any items are damaged or broken during use, an appropriate fee will be assessed.

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